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About RomsUniverse All your favorite old games in one place. RomsUniverse is the place to find rom, iso and other retro games files. YouTube Metal Gear Ac! d 2. By Benjamin Turner | Sep 17, 2005 A complete revamp is in the cards for Kojima's strategic PSP series. Spiffy: Tons of new features; smoothed-out interface; great new graphics. Iffy: The gameplay could yet be made even faster for us impatient types. The original Ac! d seemed a strange turn for the already odd Metal Gear Solid franchise, being a card-based strategy title in a series previously known for its tactical espionage proclivities. Still, the colorful backstory and characters of the Metal Gear world proved an inspired choice of source material, and despite some interface snafus and generally slow gameplay, Ac! d was not an altogether bad use of one's PSP launch dollar. Now Kojima Productions is ready to shuffle the virtual decks once again with a much-improved, much-expanded sequel. Metal Gear Ac! d 2 represents a big leap forward over the original, with hundreds of new cards, a streamlined interface, a huge graphical overhaul and more nifty touches than you can shake a ration at. The most basic changes extend to the interface for movement and menu commands. These have been simplified and touched-up, making it easier to interact with the game on the simplest level. After playing Ac! d 2 a bit, it might seem hard to go back to the interface of the first game. (Image slightly cropped. ) Another big upgrade comes in the cards themselves, of which there are now hundreds more. Many more famous faces from past Metal Gear games will be appearing; in fact, there's a whole mode dedicated to letting you fight older characters, such as Ocelot and Naked Snake. Winning here will unlock exclusive cards that you can utilize in the other modes. Further, a new card upgrade system lets you power-up favorite cards by investing points in them. For example, a weapon card could be upgraded to be more powerful and/or accurate. A linkage system also allows cards to be played together for extra effectiveness. While the gameplay improvements are big, they're rivaled by the graphical embellishments. The art style has been completely revamped; Ac! d 2 has a look not unlike a cel-shaded American comic book. Thick lines surround boldly-colored characters that seem to pop out of the screen. Actually, they do: The game will feature a true 3D mode that can be enjoyed via a special visor that will come with the game. Rest assured, this is no the cheesy red and blue 3D of most such ventures; this is more akin to the stuff used in 3D theme park attractions. Once you get your eyes focused properly the effect is striking. The entire game can be played like this, though it's likely eye strain and other considerations (such as looking silly) will dictate plenty of time spent with the normal, non-3D mode, too. All told, Metal Gear Ac! d 2 looks like a fantastic fleshing-out of the promising but ultimately rough-around-the-edges original game. Ac! d 2 looks like more than just a mildly upgraded sequel -- it might have actually earned that "2" in its title.




3.3 stars - Brandy